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GST Input Report

GST Input credit means at the time of paying tax on output, you can reduce the tax you have already paid on inputs and pay the balance amount.
The GST INPUT Report comprises of three kinds of reports :
1. Purchase Invoices
2. Stock transfer GRIN where issue is stock transfer with charge scheme
3. Voucher where voucher type has gstin number, party is credited and gst input account linked to gst code is debited. Value is total of expense/income account credited. Vouchers include telephone expenses, electricity bills, stationary etc.
GST input report will show you:
1. Input credit of GST availed from purchase.
2. Input credit of GST availed from stock transfer (stock transfer in).
3. Voucher type - Input credit of GST availed directly from expenses.
                                                            (Path: Finance Finance GST Reports GST Input Report)
GST Input Report

Report Format

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GST Input Report has following columns: