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Reckoner BI consists of several predefined cubes which extract data from the core database. This data is presented to you in various formats and views. Reckoner BI is capable of generating complex multidimensional representations. And most important it does this at incredible speeds. Reckoner BI gives you the information which can answer key questions for your business such as, which are my most profitable customers, which are my most profitable products, which period accounts for my maximum sales, when is my inventory going to fall below acceptable levels etc. The 


of this information are enormous Reckoner BI compares demographic data to allow you to analyze groups of customers, territories or people. Views Reckoner BI consists of several views which are dependent on individual user preferences. You can view data in multidimensional forms like Grids, histograms, 3D graphs, 2D graphs, dashboards. It allow you to create your own views and customize representations dynamically. Using a combination of SQL queries and visualization tools, you can have multiple views of a single data set or single representations of complex multiple datasets. 

Assume that all your business processes are streamlined and under control. Now What? How do you get you see your organisation the way you want to see it- in real time with the ability to manipulate the data but without affecting the core database. Reckoner Business Intelligence is meant to do just that. Every data generated by your organisation has a bit of your business knowledge built into it. Our work is to convert this data into information and knowledge which can be used by you. Everyday your business is gathering data across units, across multiple fnancial years, across countries, departments etc. This data is meaningless unless it can be used to provide concrete information which form the basis of crtical business decisions.  


Users in different functional areas of an organisation would have different anaysis requirements. A sales manager would be interested in sales across territories while a materials manager would like to know his material consumption and availability across different storage locations.
A dashboard is the users own personal information console.
It allows the user to configure his own personal preferences for reports. When he logs on, this data is retrieved in a graphical and grid display. A user can customise his dashboard to display multiple reports within a single screen.  
   Report Designer

We understand that every user is unique in operations as well as choice. Visual appeal differs from people to people. To provide users with a comfortable experience, Reckoner BI includes a report designer tool. A very simple to use interface, it provides the user with the option to define personal preferences like colour, layout, size etc. for each report.

Reckoner CrossFeed

Reckoner CrossFeed is a sophisticated utility which extracts

    data using several predefined cubes and processes it into the OLAP database. Reckoner CrossFeed is tightly integrated with Reckoner ERP and operates seamlessly.


System Requriments

Server Plateform-Microsoft Windows 2000 Server or Microsoft Windows 2003 Server.
Client Plateform-Microsoft Windows XP.
Database-Microsoft SQL Server 2000 or Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and Microsoft Analysis Server(OLAP Server) .

*Specifications are subject to change without notice. Specific functionality as described is available with different configurations of Reckoner.
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