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Reckoner is an Enterprise Resource Planning system that gives your company efficient supply chain management at every level of your operation. It's an information technology system that integrates data captured at all different stages and provides managers a clear, complete perspective on their business across national, currency, and organisational boundaries. The benefit is that companies streamline their operations and perform activities that add value efficiently and effectively.

The application is further designed to help your company determine Best Practices across multiple sites, with solutions that allow organisational structures to be flexible in response to local requirements. Because of the applications' underlying architecture, you can configure and modify your applications on an on-going basis.

Reckoner ERP is designed to integrate all your external and internal functional areas in a process -based environment to ensure a seamless link for all transactions between suppliers, customers and across different departments of an organisation. Reckoner offers you a critical tool for dynamic planning. It incorporates an innovative document based workflow system that maps the documents onto the ERP system and provides an easy way of authorising and signing them.

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