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  • Introduction to Reporting Features

Introduction to Reporting Features

Reporting is a fundamental part of the larger movement towards improved business intelligence and knowledge management. Reporting helps management to take speedy decisions.
Reckoner Reports to management can take the forms of financial and management reports. It must be emphasized however, that no report will be of any benefit unless it is used as a basis for action. The report itself will not create action. Action must be initiated by an individual or governing body, whether it is the managing partner, management committee or administrator.
•     Sales reports tell management which customer should be cultivated and which should be let go, as well as which salesman does a good job, etc.
•     Accounts Receivable Reports aid management to identify delinquent accounts. Firms should age their accounts receivable at set intervals, e.g., 30, 60, 90, 120 and over 150 days.
•     Profitability Reports let management know how well or poorly it is doing month-by-month in order that firm-wide trends can be identified and remedial steps can be taken in time.
•     Project Management reports tell management which projects are on track and which are running late.
•     Budget Analysis reports indicate variances between budgeted time, cost, billing, or target start and finish dates compared against actual results. Management can then look into unfavorable variances and investigate them.
•     Budgets let management know what projects are about to begin and how much they'll cost and make. They indicate which products are the profitable ones and allow management to decide whether to stop production of any product line. Capital budgets let management decide whether there's enough cash flow to finance the capital acquisition and whether to borrow money.
Reports are in Grid view format which provides lot of flexibility to user to view data as per his convenience.
•     New Selection formats.
•     Options for addition or removing columns
•     Grouping of Reports on any Column or multiple column