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  • Edit Filter

Edit Filter

The Filter Panel is displayed at a View's bottom-most edge. This is a multi-functional panel that offers you the following benefits:
•     It displays the currently applied filter condition.
•     It allows you to clear the currently applied filter condition - simply click the panel's close button.
•     It enables you to temporarily disable the currently applied filter by using the built-in check box.
•     It provides a most recently used filter condition list. This is especially useful if you need to switch between two or three filter conditions all the time. In such instances, you won't have to write your conditions again and again - simply choose a previously specified filter criteria from the list.
•     It allows you to invoke the Advanced Filter Editor described in the next section.
Edit Filter

Edit Filter

Click here to add filter.

Advanced Filter editor

Advanced Filter Editor Dialog:
If user need total control over the filter condition, use our condition Filter Editor dialog. With this dialog, user will be able to build filter criteria of any complexity - create any number of conditions and combine them in any manner using logical operators.
The new filter editor is available to end-users via the Edit Filter button located within the Filter Panel. This button is enabled by default, but can be suppressed if user wish.